All patient visits with East Coast Telepsychiatry are conducted via Telepsychiatry/Remote access only.  We do NOT have “In Office” visits.  To conduct your visit, you need a camera and microphone equipped desktop, laptop, or a smartphone.  Once your appointment is made, we will send you the appropriate intake forms, an invoice, and an invitation to join the “PATIENT PORTAL”.  Once all forms are completed, your time will be “Confirmed”, and we will provide you with a visit “link”.  Five minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, you will simply click the link provided.  Once you are in the virtual waiting room, your provider will join in shortly.  Our goal is to be on-time on all visits.  We ask that you help us to do so by completing all forms and make any appropriate payment at least 24 hours prior to your visit, and that you be on-time for you scheduled visit.  Same day appointments for New Patients are available if time permits to complete your intake forms and make payment prior to your scheduled visit.  Typically, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete the online forms and make payment.  For any “SAME DAY” appointments, please call our office at (843) 299-2033, ext. 4 so that we can ensure all steps are completed to conduct your visit.