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Mental Health Articles, News, and Events

Millions of people seek advice and support on mental health-related issues every day. These people experience a wide range of emotions and questions, and they want to talk to others that can understand and relate. The Articles section highlights the latest news, experiences, research, events, and trends in mental health.

Why So Many Students Are Gradually Slipping Into A Cycle Of Anxiety and Depression

October 25, 2022|Anxiety, Depression, Psychology|

College is supposed to be the best years of your life. You get to spread your wings, explore new opportunities and gain independence from the authority figures. However, many students are gradually slipping into [...]

Hurricane Ian: What is the Impact of a Major Storm on Mental Health?

October 7, 2022|Anxiety, Depression, Psychology, Suicide Prevention, Telepsychiatry|

Hurricane Ian had a devastating impact on people’s lives. The images of destruction are heartbreaking. Destroyed homes, displaced families, and many people lack basic human necessities like food, water, and shelter. What is the [...]


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