How Can I Help Myself and My Family Mentally Get Through The Pandemic? It has been a long gruesome 21 months of sickness, death, unemployment, uncertainty, and distancing ourselves from one another, but here are a few “aha’s” I want to share with you which may help you during this difficult time.

Yes, you may be a victim, but you can use your adversity in your favor and transform your thoughts into that of a survivor, a warrior, and even a master of your destiny. How you may ask, can someone take all of the horrible things that have happened over the past few years and turn them into something good or positive? How can I help those I care about?

How Can I Help? Tips to Get You Through the Pandemic

At the top of the list is to meditate or get prayed up at the beginning of each day. Ask God for strength and the ability to develop more of an appreciation for life; reset your internal thermostat so that you are doing the opposite of what you would usually do in a robotic day. For instance, if you are used to falling asleep on Sunday afternoon while watching a game, just get up and do the opposite. Have the mindset that it’s going to be a great day. Notice the good in people and things. Develop healthy and positive habits that create a day of sunshine rather than doom and gloom. Most of all, be kind (or at least make the effort to be kind) in all you do.

Be brave through this my friend as you will grow through hardship. Adversity and hardship can change you and make you stronger if you let them; but when you’re standing at that fork in the road where one road leads to misery (and some are content in wallowing in their misery), however, once you have embraced courage and resilience, the other road leads to trying positive things you’ve never done, having a true appreciation for life itself, and developing stronger relationships.

Carpe’ Diem! Today is YOUR Day! Chose Life!

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Amy Pharr, NP

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